Typically, photographers and paparazzi, those who go after a celebrity, and not vice versa. However, what kind of flash Paris if not the only one using the camera - or any instrument for that matter. Paris Hilton flashes her underwear - for the paparazzi and for all.

Was it done under the influence of alcohol or god knows what else, or if it was done on purpose, though we have seen that we have already seen.

Paris' consistently Outings continue to surprise and shock of all - many people find her actions and to identify the most.

It is not even in the best kind of words said. Many people simply Label Paris with a sharp and direct degrading descriptions. On the other hand, it is not as if Paris sight of these labels. Controversial heiress continues to do what she wants, regardless of the critics, haters, or local governments.

Paris Hilton Flash incidents, of course, not limited to one time a great influence of shock time. Whenever in Paris held a number of activities and obligations of the parties, panties Similarly, their presence seemed to be good. People are now well known color panties Paris and they could easily understand if it coincides with its shadow.

What is curious and interested in this strange behavior of Paris seemed to make a good impression on some. Other celebrities such as Britney Spears was photographed on her genitals, in a deplorable state - no panties on.

Both Britney and Paris would be friends in a strange turn of events - each of which claim that they each other's new friends party. Although the new friendship Interestingly, this tie with Britney will not be as publicized as the Rocky friendship in Paris with best friend Nicole Richie.

Paris and Nicole co-starred in the reality show, "The Simple Life". Nevertheless, regardless of the part in Paris - even if it is about a new friend, the notorious blue lights constantly gets into trouble.

Regardless of the keyword, Paris Hilton has long demonstrated his penchant for danger zone and wild side.

Back in her high school, the notorious blue lights even expelled for persistent violation of school policy. As she grew, Paris continues Garner violations in the way, with a stay in jail in the town in LA driving under the influence. Obviously, her habits for waterproofing underwear is a scratch on the surface compared to this.

Known for her character glamor star Paris Hilton during their walks through the streets of Toronto, was furious when she saw in the window of one of the sex shops with posters advertising its still popular home-porn «One Night in Paris Hilton» (One Night in Paris Hilton).

Celebrity broke into the shop and started shouting that they removed the posters: "You have no right to use my image in the porn shop!", - She said.

"I can call a lawyer, and he will knock out of you all the nonsense! I want you to immediately put them away, because they offend me. I'm serious, this is disgusting. If not out, I shall call these damn police.

After the girl calmed down a bit, it went to the store managers and ask the seller is not subject to uncontrollable behavior of their ward.

Nevertheless, some of the passers-by was able to remove the cries of the Hilton video, and the yellow tabloids

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Nevertheless, some of the passers-by was able to remove the cries of the Hilton video, and the yellow tabloids already in full offer for the film $ 50 thousand, including the full audio recording of the wrath of celebrity.

A sex shop still continues to sell the Hilton video without any restrictions.