Miley Cyrus was at the epicenter of the scandal, when her latest photo spread on the internet. The pictures singer portrays Asian, narrowing his eyes and stretching, and it provoked outrage in the Asian community.

A singer even accused of racism! Last year young star has shocked the audience by a series of photos in seductive poses. Now a team of lawyers, Asian Americans accused Miley in racism in connection with new pictures, which, as has been common carp, the singer portrays Asian, sitting next to the Asian boy.

In his statement, organization of Chinese Americans (The Organisation of Chinese American) wrote: "Appeared on the internet photos of Miley Cyrus and her friends, depicting Asians, stretching the eyes is extremely offensive to the Asian American community. Snapshot serves a very bad example to many young fans of the stars.

Executive Director of George Wu adds to the statement: "Miley Cyrus and her friends not only mock the people of Asian descent, it also upset thousands of their fans - Americans of Asian descent. And in the photo, incidentally, there is an Asian guy. Our organization hopes that Miley Cyrus will apologize to fans and the Asian American community and tries to understand why what they did, we were offended. "

The representative of Miley still has not commented on the incident.
Meanwhile, Cyrus got rid of the gift to her mother Porsche car and got another - ecologically clean black car Prius.

The reason why Miley has decided to give up luxury cars, was the fact that it is "bad for the environment" and too big for Miley.

"Last night my father gave me a surprise: he brought a black Prius. It is clean and very beautiful machine. And I'm still going to buy her rugs, "Hello, Kitty!" »

Miley Cyrus is going to take part in the concert, which is annually held in the Hall of Blackpool, where the actors speak to senior people - members of royal families.
The event, which is called "Royal variety show, a gala evening in the UK. There, in front of the Queen and other members of the royal family serve several artists.

This year the honor was awarded Miley Cyrus. In addition to her sing for the Queen, the speakers and the station: the winners of the show "Britain has a talent," the group Diversity, Bette Midler, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Babli, Alexandra Burke from the show X-Factor, Katherine Jenkins, Jason Menford and Paddy McGuinness.
The concert will be held on December 7. His show on British channel ITV1 on December 13.

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