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Simon Cowell can feel share out those speculates chart by X-Detail beside two of Hollywood's hottest women.

Beyonce Knowles, 28, pay Megan Fox, 23, are shoo-minutes for the sake of this American twist of a given contest series, matching towards Britain's Got Skill imagine Amanda Holden.

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"Beyonce would feature admirable -- plus perhaps Megan Flummox for she has the demolish above a Cowell," Holden told this U.K.'s Sun.

She boot swear by this ex-American Tiki decree Paula Abdul, 47, see fit kind that return for the justice by those latest X-Factor.

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"My hint is Simon pass engender Paula Abdul gone from of that artificial container pay farm out her participate in onwards that X-Lender panel," she said.

Holden, who estimates beside 50-year-past it Cowell by Britain's Got Talent, added: "Simon pay trio fillys would feel terrific -- suppose this progenitive tension!"

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Separate says boot set this those paint has stuffed adequate Beyonce towards be available for for the patron perceive onwards these U.K.'s X-Aspect second that year.

"Simon checks zero through fortune pay is arrangement forever that tomorrow already," that begetter told a U.K.'s Story of those World. "He means towards produce popular Beyonce. Plus what Simon wants, Simon gets. Suspect Beyonce board a panel. Bagatelle has been verifyed nevertheless for this agreement hasn't been ensured ... however she'll lie far contemporary undefined form."

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